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We created Baruqh Home to bring you a collection of the finest home decor brands that combine heritage with modernism, simplicity with sophistication and aesthetics with functionality. 


culture and tradition

Baruqh Home brings you a collection of unique brands from Turkey, a land well known for its rich, diverse culture and generations of traditions. Each of these brands tells a unique story of the culture and tradition they are derived from. 

Artisan Porcelain ware

Santimetre™ Studio

Santimetre™ Studio is an artisanal handmade porcelain brand specializing in dinnerware.

Brought to life by artist Tulya Madra, Santimetre™ is focused on making thoughtful, enduring, graceful pieces that enhance the quality of our lives. 

All the designs are hand cast with Limoges porcelain slip and hand-glazed with a wide selection of glaze colors. This unique brand is manufactured in low volume batches in Ayvalik, Turkey, a coastal town by the Aegean Sea.

Handmade Crystalline Glassware

NUDE glass

Simple, beautiful and timeless designs, created for modern living with the aim to unclutter our lives.

Simple is pure. Simple is essential. And the idea of simplicity is the guiding principle of NUDE. NUDE believes Less is More and that Form is best when it meets Function. NUDE refines everything to its essence, decluttering and distilling. This makes the final object simple to both understand and use. The result is perfectly reflected in NUDE crystalline glass.



exclusive glass collections

PASABAHCE™ boutique

Established in 1935 in Turkey, Pasabahce offers a unique collection of glass, ceramics, porcelain, wood and steel tableware, kitchenware and home decor.

The limited edition History-Culture-Glass Collections focus on cultural legacy and values.

Luxurious Organic Cotton


Inspired by the ultimate Turkish spa experience, Hamam harnesses the wisdom behind timeless rituals to create a range of luxuriously-plush towels, bathmats and fluffy robes. 

Handwoven Rugs


Made from 100% organic wool, Dhoku rugs and kilims are an outcome of breakthrough weaving techniques combined with Turkish craftsmanship that has outlived generations. These one-of-a-kind, hand-woven kilims and rugs complement today's contemporary urban lifestyle. With an ambission to create new, unconventional textures and patterns, Dhoku desings are inspired by nature.

Imperfections in the natural wool are left untouched, as they give each Dhoku its unique character. 

Handwowen kilims


Keleem rugs demonstrate a subtle balance between contemporary and traditional. The modular use of simple patterns enables a complex array of compositions, making each rug unique in its design.

The tiling method allows you to modulate the design and colour but also size and shape. Keleem rugs can be made to fit any space. You simply chose the design, color, shape and size. 

Hand-knit Blankets

Sicacik Bisey™

The story of Sicacik Bisey blankets is rooted in a social entrepreneurship project that will warm your hearts.

With a mission to empower Anatolian women, Sicacik Bisey gives them the opportunity to join the workforce and translate their exceptional talents into heart warming blankets, while bringing the centuries-old tradition of knitting to life. 

Exclusively knitted by artisan hands, each blanket has authentic patterns and is uniquely one of a kind.


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