HOME is where our story begins! 

Baruqh brings you a collection of the finest home decor brands that we have been delightfully enjoying at our homes for years. 

Born and raised in Istanbul Turkey, our lives have been shaped by layers of culture and generations of traditions from family roots in Thessaloniki Greece and Plovdiv Bulgaria.

Having lived at fourteen different homes during the twenty years of our marriage, we have always been fascinated by designs that combine heritage with modernism, blend simplicity with sophistication or integrate aesthetics and functionality. 

Dhoku's handwoven rugs on our floors, Santimetre's artisan porcelain ware on our dinner table, Hamam's luxurious organic cotton towels and robes in our bathrooms and Nude's designer glassware on our coffee tables, each of these brands tell a unique story of the culture and tradition they are derived from. 

With Baruqh collection, we invite you to indulge your distinguished taste for fine living. Enjoy your search  at our online store. 

Hande & Berk Gurdogan