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Size: (2’6”x4’2”) 80x130 cm

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When it comes to kids rooms, it’s hard to beat the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design. Bright, clean and thoroughly modern, the Scandi design is nothing if not practical. With our machine washable kilim rugs cut the clutter, and take the less-is-more approach.

Fabulous handmade gender neutral kilim rugs for a tranquil yet timeless space.

The kilim rugs have a playful embroidery which brings you in love with the clean lines. Featuring cute animals like cats, unicorns and hippo as well expressions like “Wish do” adding interest and fun to the scheme. Keep your little one’s room clean and to minimum.

Care instructions: Remove stain immediately by pressing a clean cloth. Vacuum without brush to remove dust. Can be machine washed but only with a mild wool detergent and with gently cycle (with a max.spin speed 400 rpm).

Thank you for supporting and buying HANDMADE by Muna Home!!!

- Handmade

- Hand-Woven

- Hand-Embroidered

- Organic Natural Sheep Wool

- Modern Rug

- Minimalistic Kids Embroidered Kilim Rug

- Natural carpets

- Flat-woven Kilim Rug

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