Kilim Vase Wide


The art of weaving - a history that spans as far back as the days of man’s early settlements. Our textile arts have won the admiration of the world with their motifs, colors, materials and patterns. An art that has passed down traditions, values and beliefs from generation to generation, allowing the threads of communication to flow from the past to the present.

Our weaving arts include young textile actors such as the kilim that are still
with us, along with the kilim’s close colleagues, ‘cicim’, ‘zili’ and ‘sumak’.
Rare objects of our museums and archives, of our memory and of collectors, woven of wool, silk, or gold threads, true to the belief in “loving labor and caring hands.”Brought to life in hardship, tribulation, interlaced with emotions, the inevitable choice of those tied to tradition but enamored of modern design-kilim.

Kilim Vases use motifs that symbolize woman’s fertility, femininity, fecundity and the sacredness of the female figure.All of the relief patterns are handmade
decorations, on handmade glass, presented with the workmanship
and mastery of Paşabahçe.

-Limited edition

- Diameter:4.4in , H:16in

- Wipe clean with dry cloth

- Handmade

- Made in Turkey

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